Configure Samba4 as Domain Controller

I’ll show how to configure Samba4 in centos 7 as a domain controller in the domain.

1- Edit /etc/hosts put IP,  FQDN name and NetBIOS name.

 /etc/hosts  samba4.lss.local samba4

3- Install dependencies

yum install perl gcc libacl-devel libblkid-devel gnutls-devel readline-devel python-devel gdb pkgconfig krb5-workstation zlib-devel setroubleshoot-server libaio-devel setroubleshoot-plugins\
policycoreutils-python libsemanage-python setools-libs-python setools-libs popt-devel libpcap-devel sqlite-devel libidn-devel libxml2-devel libacl-devel libsepol-devel libattr-devel keyutils-libs-devel\
cyrus-sasl-devel cups-devel bind-utils libxslt docbook-style-xsl openldap-devel pam-devel bzip2 vim nano wget -y

4-  Download the last version from samba site.

cd  /tmp/


5- Install, this command have a delay between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the configuration of your server.

tar -zxvf samba-4.6.0.tar.gz
cd samba-4.6.0
./configure –enable-debug –enable-selftest –with-ads –with-systemd –with-winbind
make && make install

6- Edit  /etc/krb5.conf,  comment the line below.

#includedir /etc/krb5.conf.d/

7- Run the configurator

cd /usr/local/samba/bin

samba-tool domain provision –use-rfc2307 –interactive

8 –  Open the ports for correct operation.

firewall-cmd –add-port=53/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=53/udp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=88/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=88/udp –permanent; \
firewall-cmd –add-port=135/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=137-138/udp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=139/tcp –permanent; \
firewall-cmd –add-port=389/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=389/udp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=445/tcp –permanent; \
firewall-cmd –add-port=464/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=464/udp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=636/tcp –permanent; \
firewall-cmd –add-port=1024-5000/tcp –permanent;firewall-cmd –add-port=3268-3269/tcp –permanent

firewall-cmd –reload

9- Create a service for initialization together the system.

nano /etc/systemd/system/samba.service

Description= Samba 4 Active Directory



10- Enable and start samba service

systemctl enable samba

systemctl start samba


The server is ready to work!

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